Arleen Paré

Leaving Now

Paper Trail

Lake of Two Mountains

He Leaves His Face in the Funeral Car





He Leaves His Face in the Funeral Car
Published by Caitlin Press

From inside the book:

He Leaves His Face in the Funeral Car is elegiac, lyrical, ironic; a series of reflections, recollections; a collection about relationships—to family, clocks, water, trees, ungulates, endings—recognizing that not all relationships are straightforward:
a mother’s secret false teeth, a tea kettle riddled with bullet holes,
pears and small knives. To leave a face in the funeral car is to fall out of time, to fall into history, to ponder the meanings of dust, the quiet records of suicide. This is poetry that covers a broad range, wide and changing, the strangeness of everyday life buoyed by the solace of language, the pleasure of song. Each word in its right place, each poem reflecting beyond surface meaning.

—Praise for Arleen Paré—

“Arleen Paré’s poems in Lake of Two Mountains are monastic prayers of forgiveness, intense simplicities that praise all we have lost, all we have left. She is a gift the world has given us. Read her and then in deep quiet read her again.”
—Patrick Lane

“Leaving Now is sometimes harrowing, occasionally funny, often heartbreaking and always engrossing. Paré’s distinctive style artfully mixes poetry, personal journal, feminist socio-political analysis and literary analysis of fairy tales … Just read it.”

“How does the everyday, claustrophobic greyness of the office metamorphosize into a sensual, surreal poem? With deft lyricism, wry compassion, and a precise eye, Arleen Paré leads us into a unique and dreamlike world. In this startlingly original first book, Paper Trail, Paré has spun gold.”
—Miranda Pearson