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He Leaves His Face in the Funeral Car

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The Victoria Times Colonist on Leaving Now and the value of small presses
(incomplete version from Caitlin Press page)

Colin Holt of the Times Colonist reviewed Arleen Paré's latest poetic novel, Leaving Now, and had only good things to say about Paré's considerable talent:

"Paré is a past winner of the Victoria Butler Book Prize, and it is easy to see why. She moves seamlessly between poetry and prose in the pages of Leaving Now, writing with an obvious respect for language. By making the choice to incorporate as much poetry into the novel as she does, Paré limits the actual number of words that makes up her story. There is a significant amount of white space in an already slim book, so it is especially important that the right words are in the right spaces. It's a job Paré has done very well."

Holt went on to comment on the value of small presses in the Canadian arts landscape:

"Published by Caitlin Press, a small publisher out of Halfmoon Bay, the production of Leaving Now is given the same respect that Paré gives to her choice of words. From the stunning cover by artist Arleigh Wood (who, in a nice touch, is given space at the end of the book to detail the inspiration for the artwork) to the choice of paper, it is a book that reaffirms the notion that there is something special about words on paper.

"At 162 pages, Leaving Now does not require a big time commitment from the reader – it is one of those great leisurely morning reads that can easily be finished in a single sitting. In fact, Leaving Now would be difficult to put down regardless of its length; it is an excellent example of what makes small-press publishing houses so important."